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Shoulder Dystocia Injuries Caused By Negligence

shoulder dystocia lawyers nycShoulder dystocia refers to when a baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind the pubic symphysis bone of the mother during delivery. When shoulder dystocia occurs, if the medical staff continues to apply traction to the baby’s head, the baby’s nerves in the neck may become torn, compressed or otherwise stretched due to excessive force placed upon the baby’s head during delivery. Such injuries can also result if the medical staff fails to properly respond to signs of distress in the fetus, fails to order a C-section, or misuses the forceps or vacuum extractor.

With modern medical techniques, the risk of birth injuries can be significantly minimized. Doctors and medical staff should be aware of the risk factors that contribute to a shoulder dystocia, such as gestational diabetes, breech position, an obese mother or large baby, the mother’s small pelvis or a previous pregnancy that resulted in a shoulder dystocia. These risk factors should prompt the medical staff to alter the delivery procedures in order to avoid the risk of a birth injury.

Seeking Compensation for Shoulder Dystocia Injuries

Despite these advancements, mistakes still happen. If you believe that your healthcare practitioner did not do enough to prevent a birth injury, it is important to speak with an attorney in order to determine if you have a claim. In certain cases, a shoulder dystocia injury may improve with time. However, for many patients, this type of injury can mean paralysis, loss of mobility and a lifetime of expensive medical bills.

Seeking compensation for a shoulder dystocia injury can be a complex endeavor that will require the testimony of trained medical professionals, as well as, an analysis of the injured patient’s medical records. Therefore, you need competent legal representation on your side in order to pursue your case.

Shoulder Dystocia Lawyers NJ

For nearly thirty years, the law firm of Trief & Olk has provided legal services to a variety of medical negligence clients. If you or a family member has a legal concern, please get in touch with us to find out more about our firm or for a free consultation to learn how we can help to resolve your shoulder dystocia injury case. Our law offices can be contacted via telephone at (212) 486-6060 or by submitting the confidential online form. When you complete the form, make sure to include a detailed and thorough description of your case. We are eager to assist you.

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